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Site is moving / Mi web esta moviendose

This site is being moved / Esta web esta siendo movida a: mauricaldi.com

Siggraph 2014

Luego de 3 años vuelve el Siggraph a Vancouver, con muchas novedades tecnológicas, como las impresoras 3D tan detalladas que parecían originales en muchos casos, tambien los lentes VR y la realidad aumentada esta cada vez mas real, fue una excelente experiencia volver a ir, encontrarse con amigos, colegas y curiosear porque hay muchas cosas que ver y poco tiempo para todo.

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carl zeiss flektogon 35mm f2.8

Uno de mis lentes favoritos, casi siempre esta en mi cámara es este lente alemán de los 50-60’s llamado flektogon, lo conseguí en ebay de mucha suerte ya que últimamente ha subido su valor, pero vale totalmente su precio, porque tiene un carácter que me gusta mucho, es sumamente nítido, sus colores son fuertes, tiene muy buen contraste como todos los lentes Zeiss.
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3DsMax ID to Nuke Gizmo

One thing I liked a lot on Combustion was the integration with 3dsmax, it had a node to select any piece of the 3D render if you assign the object ID on 3DsMax.

So I made one gizmo that replicate that old node, is still on beta, and supports only ID (1-12), but I might update it often because I use it a lot.

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Carl zeiss jena Sonnar 135mm a great lens

One of my best lenses is the CarlZeiss Sonnar 135mm, the version I have is the zebra, is not the last or the modern version but is one of the best lenses made, (most sonnar are), their history comes from 1932 by Ludwig Jakob Bertele, he calculated and created the lenses configuration so the aperture could get to f2.0 that was remarkable at that time.

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Scatter Pixels for Nuke

Scatter pixels is a tool similar to scatter on Silhouette, is an easy and convenient gizmo that will move pixels around using an expression. (updated to 1.2)


One of the tools that I use a lot is scatter on Silhouette, but because there isn’t any tool similar in nuke, I made one for my daily work, is an easy gizmo that move random pixels around creating and breaking the soft look of a patch, gridwarp or splinewarp of a paint, or generate some mask that has noise inside, and also can be used to enhance motionblur. Is one of my small and useful gizmos that helps a lot on my daily production.


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